Rock & Sling is a journal of witness, and for us that means the work must engage lived experience. We seek work that engages the mysteries, trials, complications, and joys of Creation. We often favor work that engages spiritual ideas and experiences, but it is not a requirement. While those spiritual ideas are often from a Christian point of view, they need not be explicitly so, and we value work that honestly and authentically engages other faith traditions (or their absence).

We value work that resists easy classification, that works against simplified notions, work that asks difficult questions and allows for doubt and complexity.

We don’t favor one aesthetic or structural approach above any other. The work must demand our attention and hold it. We are interested in experiment, but also in form. Above all, we are interested in work that sings.

Open to all forms and content, keeping in mind the magazine's theme of "witnessing" and faith. Selections should be no more than ten pages.
Art and photography: No more than five pieces, in jpg or gif format included in a single PDF or ZIP File. High resolution files must be available upon acceptance.

How to Pack for Church Camp is an online anthology project that's separate from, yet friends with, Rock & Sling.

We seek creative nonfiction under 1,000 words that’s related to experiences at summer camp.

Were you envious of your friend at a Lutheran camp who had a dance, while your camp forbade the use of boomboxes save for worship? Did you have a moment of crystalline self-awareness while cooking over a fire at Scout Camp? We want to know.

Although we have a fondness for church-camp stories, the work need not be about a Christian or other religiously affiliated program. We’re much less interested in the devotional or didactic, and are hungry for what surprises us, hits us in the gut, makes us think. The stories can be uplifting, bawdy, itchy, touching, melancholy. They just need to have happened to you.

Submissions must be the author’s original work. We will consider previously published material so long as the author informs us of the work’s history and retains the rights. 

We take unsolicited book reviews written for books that have been published in the last twelve months. Reviews should not exceed 2000 words. Experimental or hybridized reviews are also acceptable, as are difficult-to-categorize cultural analyses that have literary value.

All submissions in this category will be considered for print or online formats.
Rock & Sling